How can Nitrogen help you? Take a look at the examples below to see the platform in action.

Crossfit Crazies

Business Type: Fitness Studio
Nitrogen Integration: Advanced

Crossfit Crazies needed a way to take online reservations for their growing business so they implemented Nitrogen into their website.

They had a custom site built by a professional web developer utilizing a distinct typeface that is consistent with their branding. They wanted the booking experience to match their site exactly. After setting up their inventory on Nitrogen, their web developer pasted in the site's header and footer code, uploaded their css file and within less than an hour had their inventory online for the world to see.

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Maui Surf

Business Type: Activity Rentals
Nitrogen Integration: Basic

Maui Surf had been in business for over a decade but found it harder and harder to manage incoming reservations by email alone. They needed a platform that could better help manage incoming tourist’s requests.

They already had a great Wordpress website that fit their needs but couldn’t find any plugins that would allow for comprehensive inventory management. When they found Nitrogen it was a perfect match. Within minutes they had signed up for Nitrogen, were able to upload their images, picked their brand colors and chose fonts that fit their existing site. They cut and pasted the Nitrogen code and were taking reservations the following day.

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Rapid River Rafting Company

Business Type: Guided Tours
Nitrogen Integration: Advanced

The Rapid River Rafting Company had been in business for 2 generations when Mike took over general operations from his retiring father. He knew they needed to implement an online reservation system to keep up with the growing demands of the digital generation. He looked at several solutions but wanted to have a platform that would exist on his newly designed website. Just when Mike thought he wouldn’t find what he needed his website designer suggested subscribing to Nitrogen.

Mike’s web designer implemented Nitrogen into their website in less than an hour. Today, their online sales are outpacing email, phone and in-person reservations. Mike is thinking about adding two new tours.

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Fresh Start Grill

Business Type: Food and Beverage Services
Nitrogen Integration: Basic

The Fresh Start Grill had been successful for over a year when they started getting requests for catering and private events. They knew the expansion would be beneficial to their business but didn’t know how they would manage the requests. They didn’t have the money to hire a web developer let alone design a reservation system.

When a friend told them about Nitrogen and how it was easy to add it to their Wordpress website they knew they had to give it a try. Within an hour they had it added to their website and within a week they had orders for the next month.

Today they are thinking about opening a new store just to handle their promising catering and special events business.

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The Underground

Business Type: Entertainment Venues
Nitrogen Integration: Advanced

The Underground had been selling out all their shows every night of the week since they opened. Unfortunately, for their most loyal patrons, they had no method of selling tickets other then waiting in line on the day of the show. Their business during the week started to drop due to long lines and patrons not having the time to wait for a ticket.

The Underground looked for almost a month for a solution that didn’t charge reservation fees that would increase their ticket prices. Just when they thought they wouldn’t be able to find a solution they were introduced to Nitrogen.

Today they sell out every show and customers are happy they don’t have to wait in line to book tickets.

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Cellar 55

Business Type: Event Planners
Nitrogen Integration: Basic

In 2012 Cellar 55 opened to outstanding reviews. They slowly built a loyal customer base that wanted to see more from this rising vineyard.

Within an hour of discovering Nitrogen they had the platform up and running on their site. Today they are booked solid for the next 12 months.

Their event manager thought it would be a great next step to share in the beautiful area the vineyard resided on by opening it up to private events and weddings but didn’t know how to take reservations on their Wordpress site.

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